Neal Solomon is a Registered Social Worker, dedicated to working with youth, adults and families, empowering them to live with confidence, honesty and connection. With years of clinical and practical experience, Neal has been able to lend a “voice” to individuals who require direction and seek clarity and support.

Neal’s training is broad, as he completed his Bachelor of Education prior to earning his Master of Social Work Degree. He taught for ten years at several junior high institutions in Toronto, and while doing so, Neal discovered his passion, which is working with individuals on a one-to-one basis.

Neal strives to create a safe environment for all of his clients, so that they can receive the utmost benefit from his therapy. He offers both private and family sessions, depending on the specific situation at hand. In addition, Neal provides immense support with regards to recreational activities, arts, learning projects and references in order to help his clients re-establish and connect to their productive lives.

“Meet” Neal, by watching his introductory video.