The teacher calls you in for a meeting on a Friday to discuss that your child is  failing geography.  That weekend your child tells you he/she has no homework.  You believe them and they go out and have an amazing time.  The Monday after the weekend, your child has a geography test and fails.   The teacher comes back to you and offers your child a re-test and your child happily takes the test again, but again fails.

If this scenario happened on the baseball field, the manager would consider the following action(s):

  • Face-to-face meeting.
  • Fine.
  • Suspension.
  • Possible trade.
  • Demotion to AAA.
  • Other disciplinary action.

Be the best possible player and take responsibility for your actions on the field – even if it’s tougher in the short term. In order to reach your full potential, there need to be limits in place, and goals set to surpass. Only good things can happen by practicing and learning.