The parent attends a school meeting to discuss the level 1 received in geography with the intent of trying to understand how things got to be as bad as they are as well as coming away with a game plan for their child to follow.  The parent returns home, asks if there is homework to be done.  The child indicates ‘no’ and goes out for a fun-filled weekend.   The parent learns after school on Monday that the child had a geography test and failed.  The teacher calls home to arrange a re-test and the parent accepts.

As manager, be firm, but fair.  For example, the following weekend perhaps they should stay home  and miss out on something they were wanting to do.  Lay out the ground rules and assume that your player is not being completely honest and follow through with your expectations.   For example, often pitchers will pitch with some pain and not let their manager know until after they get pulled early from a game that they had some discomfort during the prior week.    Managers need to be constantly communicating with their players and checking things out with other personnel so as to avoid any surprises.